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    March 21, 2013
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sarah! sarah! sarah! i want my sister! i want sarah! well... our little ploy worked. she gave up her sister. gave up? yes... and no. captioning sponsored by universal studios domestic television captioned by media access group at wgbh
(woowling) big trouble in oakland. a serious accusations against two city council members. san jose gets thrown a curveball in moving the a's to the south bay and effort to protect your emails from prying eyes of police. an emotional set back to the rock 50 years after it's closed. never before seen images of alcatraz and
it isn't a lie. >> dan: two city council members are under fire. they are denying allegations of ethics violations. i'm dan ashley. they are accused of trying to influence to multimillion dollar contracts to parking tickets. you know, one-sided investigation. >> larry reid has served for 17 years as an elected official and he has sense the language of the charter extremely well. accusing him of breaking the rules have left him confused and frustrated. >> i have a responsibility to make sure that the playing field is level and particularly as it relates to wiom business and minority owned business. >> the auditor says reid and
brooks told employees who should get a demolition contract for the army base. the auditor accuses brooks of construction off the the rainbow team in oakland and people hand picked to run it we reached out to brooks but she was unavailable for comment. >> as council members they have the ability in their position they hold a are the l authority. >> mayor says the report sends a clear message to investors and contractors that the city has fair and competitive bidding process. employees do not have to take orders from council members. >> i'm mostly concerned the people that do business with the city of oakland that we are going to protect our rights in terms of the processes without political interference. >> it focuses on issues that have surfaced over the last two years and after interviewing more than 40 employees and reading thousands of emails.
the auditor says she and her team substantiated 14 distinction of them violating the charter. councilman reid is prepared to fight. >> i'm going to continue to do that. >> reporter: the auditor's findings are being sent to the district attorney's office and the f.b.i. to see if a law has, indeed, been broken. if there are charges, they would only be a misdemeanor. that would be enough for the council members to lose their job. we have posted a link to their full report at >> dan: an alameda county superior court judge accused of stealing millions from 93-year-old widow ed neighbor. paul simon is facing 32 felonies. he was still withdrawing a salary while fighting charges that he took over his neighbor's
finances. >> a grenade was discovered and did detonated in golden gate park. >> fire had the hole! >> a man used a metal detector discovered what it was an old military explosive. no wored on whether the degree made was actually live but it is no more and no longer a danger. >> how do you feel about police looking at your private emails without a warrant. right now they can but there is an effort underway in sacramento to change. that nannette miranda explains what state lawmakers are trying to do. >> reporter: if law enforcement wanted to read your letters or other paper correspondence, they have to get a warrant but in this age of technology you don't have the same protection. if your email has been opened or is more than six months old,
government agencies can read them. >> courts have said, lawsuit is very confusing and has permitted the government to search your emails held by providers without a warrant. >> government investigators generally look at email for criminal activity that is not always the case. it became a national debate after c.i.a. director after david petraeus resigned over an extramarital affair. if the c.i.a. can't keep the f.b.i. from reading that email what protections do ordinary people have. >> no warrant knocks records. >> a state senate wanted to clearly define the line. electronic communications should be no different than paper communications. they are all private. >> all we're saying, you need to go to a court, make the case that there is a readable -- reasonable cause that some
illegal activity going on. >> drafted by the frontier foundation, it would require state and local government agents to get a warrant to hand over your emails. the companies would have to tell you they did. some providers require a warrant but not all. this wouldn't apply to the federal government. in the past law enforcement had concerned the warrant process could slow down investigation. leno tried to stop police from able to read your email and text messages from devices with you the governor vetoed. it is unclear what he will do with this proposal. >> dan: a legal victory for the family of a nine-year-old boy from red bluff. he fell to his death in lassen national park in 2009. they say the national park service is negligent because
officials knew that a retaining wall was unsafe. they also found the top official ordered the destruction of evidence that would show negligence on part of her and members of her staff. >> they have decided to file criminal charges on the woman who lied about being raped on santa cruz campus. she said she was walking on a campus trail when she was beaten and assaulted last month. police issued a sketch of the suspect based on her description. we put it on the air. all of it turned out to be false. >> dan: not enough sidewalks narrow roads. neighbors say that is enough reason to prevent an elementary school from opening up in burlingame. more on the story from vic lee. hoover elementary school was built in the 1930s and shut its door in the late '70s and eventually became a buddhist
temple. they bought it back about three years ago. >> we need the space. we are busting out of the seams here. >> summit drive is street that fronts the school. it straddles the border. a group of neighbors whose homes face the school say they wanted a as a rule environmental impact stood study. >> safety is the absolute issue. >> joe and diane say they are not against the school reopening but they say they are concerned about the safety of the children who walk to school. >> the three burlingame roads that lead to the school are very narrow. >> there really is not even one street street or road to walk safely without danger in doing so. >> not only are the roads narrow.
there are blind curves on the roads where there are no sidewalks. >> being an orthopedic surgeon i have seen horrible things happen to children versus recogy trucks going too fast going around blind curves. >> she welcomes an elementary school where her two children can walk to, but she also feels the roads aren't safe. >> there is a lot of blind spots in areas where it's scary to be pushing a stroller. you can't see the cars that are coming around. >> the school district plans to widen the street to make room for increased traffic which may amount to several hundred cars a day. the doctor adds that is traffic study found no safety issues. >> they took a look at drop-off and pickup and roads and analyzed the traffic around the area and felt that we absolutely met all the requirements that we needed to meet. it was absolutely safe place for
students. >> the burlingame hills improvement association which represents many of the homeowners on the burlingame side of the school says it does wanted hoover school to reopen but not before a plan to deal with any congestion issue on canyon road which is another road that boards burlingame. >> dan: california's stated comptroller is throwing a curveball at san jose's plans to lure the oakland a's. they ruiyd that illegally transferred land set aside for the ballpark. they moved it on out of the development ree development agency just before the governor dissolved the department. the ruling is a setback but not a deal breaker. >> it's conceivable the county could buy the entire piece of land and have the a's or the city lease it back from the county. >> dan: at a meeting with south bay leaders, the owner laid out his case why the team needs to move south to survive.
>> our goal is hopefully to come to the one site that we have discovered is the only site that we could relocate and that being in downtown san jose. >> dan: the mayor defends the property transfers and vows that the city will secure the land for an a's ballpark. >> catch me in you can. a man that was in the cockpit pretending to be a pilot. march madness comes to the south bay. police, pulling the cork on the wine season, will it be sweet neck tar or sour grapes? plus, spencer christian is here with the weather. >> in the accu-weather forecast center, spring in the air but the air is quite gusty overnight. close up look in the accu weather forecast coming up. >> dan: plus a random acted of kindness outside a coffee shop. when a military vet left a woman. woma[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok.
[ male announcer ] the wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> dan: can you feel it? it's march madness in san jose. cal fans crowded into the pavilion to watch the bears play in the finals. as you might expect, eating and drinking the fans are doing a lot to stimulate the downtown
economy. here is david louie. >> downtown san jose has bean teaming all day with game goers. one of the sports bars was packed at 10:30 in the morning. >> it's nonstop. all day long. all hands on deck. >> the fans were thirsty. beer was flowing continuously. the tabs kept mounting. san jose downtown association is says fans will pump one million dollars maybe more into the local economy. ken from boston ran down the numbers. he has tickets to all four games today. >> thousand dollars to fly down here, $500 for the tickets, two nights in a hotel, another $500, going out, $4,000. >> two brothers saw a golden gate golden opportunity to sell balloons. >> this will a weekend. >> couple hundred dollars? >> maybe around there.
>> the scalpers are making a few bucks bu they avoided our camera. the games do no other thing can do, steady flow of people needing to drink and eat at certain times. business owners are ecstatic. number of pizzas they are selling. >> we are prepared to do those. so far we made up thousand mini pizzas and we can sell them and expecting to do another 150 large pizzas for the crowd. >> for pizzas and dessert all of this is frosting on the cake for downtown san jose because the city was not involved with bidding with the games and there was no financial consideration and no incentives made for this game. in san jose, david louie, "abc 7 news". >> dan: so how did cal do today?
it turns out to be quite a game. larry will have more in sports. >> another sure sign of season, march madness but wine season in the napa valley. a lot of excitement, a lot of nerves about it, too. as anthony anthony explains it has a lot to do with the season. >> napa valley wine and their customers are ready to pull the cork on a new season and more important quality. >> bud break is here and that is the beginning of 2013 growing season in the vineyards. >> it hasn't broken yet. when the bud breaks, you get a shoot. >> the dry winter is a blessing and potential curse for napa valley wine growers. at this winery, the buds are swelling about two weeks early and the workers are out tying the vines. >> we have dry 2013 that tells
the plants it's time to get going and getting the buds swelling up. >> thanks to a wet early season, water supply shouldn't be a big issue this year. but the worry is frost. >> that is concern especially if we have the buds swelling and the bud breaking that can damage the crop. >> but with the traditional weather stations and high-tech monitoring systems, growers say they will get plenty of warning. it comes as napa valley does replanting. >> one homes it will be productive for 20-25 years. >> napa valley grapes are in high demand. cabs are in high demand and growers are taking the replanting the crops with modern technology. >> 2012 brought a record crush,
if the pattern holds this year, the harvest might be smaller but what counts in this business is the quality, not the quantity. laura anthony, "abc 7 news." >> dan: all around the bay area just gorgeous. nice day. >> we have more of that coming our way. tonight's report may blow you away literally. live look and clear conditions. sunny day today and clear night tonight but the winds are gusting. we have a wind advisory for several areas. this includes the marin, napa and sonoma up in the north bay from friday 2:00 a.m. to friday at 2:00 p.m. winds gusting over 40 miles an hour and especially over the higher terrain. that includes the delta, carquinez straits area and 8:00 tomorrow morning to 8:00
tomorrow night for several counties. all around the bay area we'll have strong winds into the day tomorrow. live view from high definition rooftop camera, looking at the bay bridge under clear skies. temperature readings, 52 in san francisco and 53 in san jose. another side downtown san francisco, looking at clear skies, 55 degrees in santa rosa. 51 in fairfield and 53 in livermore. forecast features, clear skies will remain with us. gusty conditions. sunny and mild and breezy during the day, as well. this mild and dry pattern will go right into the weekend and winds will diminish. satellite animation over the last 12 hours, high pressure remaining in control of our weather picture. because of the circulation around the center, we do have dry offshore winds. they were getting stronger and stronger. we're going to give you a little
computer forecast of wind speeds and wind gusts overnight. coloration here goes this way. the darker colors towards orange stronger the winds and lighter colors we'll see lighter wind gusts. strongest winds will be offshore then along the coastline, strong winds inland around the delta, fairfield, 30 mile-per-hour gusts. overnight inland areas, continue to see stronger and stronger gusts developing, up to 43 mile-an-hour at fairfield. along the coastline will be diminishing and by midday, late morning hours we'll see gusts still around fairfield up to 37 miles per hour and fairly substantial gusts over the higher peaks. south bay and east bay. windy and clear conditions. low temperatures will range mainly from upper 30s to low
40s. then tomorrow highs in the south bay mainly in the low 70s. 71 at san jose. upper 60s on the peninsula and upper 50s to about 60 on the coast. downtown san francisco, 65 degrees tomorrow. north bay highs will be mainly in the upper 60s as will highs in the east bay and inland east bay, milder highs in the low 70s. accu-weather seven-day forecast, dry and mild pattern remains with us into tuesday of next weeks. we get cloudy conditions on tuesday and chance of showers on thursday when all in all, nice spring week coming our way. >> dan: thank you. all hail the queen. michelle obama has you never seen her before. seen her before. wal-mart is making it easier there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
barrow island has got rare kangaroos.
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>> dan: in the capitol of cyprus bank employees faced off on riot police on the controversial to tax bank accounts. here at home. congress is forcing the postal service to continue saturday day delivery. they announced that it would switch in august to five-day service for first class mail in order to save two billion dollars. they lost $16 billion last year. today the house approved what the senate already passed a spending bill that continues the requirement for 6-day mail delivery. it now goes to the president for his signature. walmart stores in san jose
will soon be offering a smarter way to shop. they expanding a pilot program called scan and go. it let's customers scan items by using an app on the their smart phone. shoppers can see the running total of their items and use a self-checkout screen when leaving. the program is expanding to about 70 wall marts marts to more than 200 across the country. no doubt it will continue to expand. >> first lady has been crowd fashion royalty by britain's sunday times style magazine. this is their cover. check it out showing her wearing a crown on a british first class postage stamp. that is spot traditionally reserved for the queen of england. they have ranked the first lady at the top of the best dressed list. a lot more to come. echo of the big bang. bay area scientist mapping the
afterglow of the universe. >> alcatraz has been 50 years since the last inmate left this place. today it came back for life in black and white. >> dan: also ahead, dramatic 911 call and what a damage teenage did to stay safe. and "how to" manual for cyber warfare. warfare. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ >> dan: new nato handbook on cyber warfare and it says it's okay to kill hackers under sert
conditions. landmark document, it's the first attempt to determine how should international law should apply to state sponsored attacks. a digital retaliation would be a priority but hackers are legitimate targets when it leads to death or severe property damage. as for what is hospitalize limits, handbook just like in conventional warfare, hospitals and nuclear power plants must be avoided at all costs. a man who posed as an air france pilot was arrested tonight at philadelphia international airport. 61-year-old frenchman boarded a flight dressed in a pilot's uniform and made his way into the jump seat right behind the captain's chair. copilot became suspicious and man is being held on $1 million bail. it's been 50 years since alcatraz shuttered its doors but the prison looms large in our
mythology. people like al capone was imprisoned there. >> there must be some big attraction. why would people stand in long lines from traveling around the world. >> it's not a one-way trip for you? >> i hope not. >> reporter: and civilized enough because the federal prison is nice place to visit based on the fact that now we're free to leave. >> this year marks on a milestone for the zblashg on this day, in 1936 they shipped away the last of the prisoners and closed. >> everyone was very sad, the employees. they did not want to see this place close down. >> what about the inmates? >> they told us, last one that left, he said this is place is no good for nobody. >> but for patrick who worked as a guard it was a good day to
hold court in a room filled with old pictures. >> it captures alcatraz in last moments at a federal penitentiary. now it's a time capsule in black and white. >> an editor of life magazine referred to the work as so intimate it's borderline obscene >> a well known photographer of the period, he found his father's negatives and sent them to the national park service and put them in a book and brought the details back to life. >> one of my favorites is very last image, empty workout yard with no visible life. it looks as if the prisoners dropped their dumbbells and walked away. >> that is his father peeking
out from a corner of a picture and brought him as a 12-year-old. >> real emotional, still is. that it is. >> reporter: 50 years ago and feeling like yesterday for a few of us anyway. >> you remember it. >> what kind of father would bring his son to the last day of alcatraz? >> someone.... >> wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." >> dan: the rock. and authorities are now training drug sniffing dogs to ignore marijuana because voters recently legalize small amounts of the drug. legal group is telling a police an alerted from a drug sniffing dog is no longer enough evidence for a search warrant. police will need other evidence until the old dogs retire. >> now to a very brave teenager and a dramatic and scary home invasion.
she was a home on her own when burglars broke in. her terrifying call to 911 caught on tape. >> he is inside? >> yes. >> he is inside the how is. >> you are hearing the terrified voice as thieves ransacked her home even roaming through the very closet where she was hiding >> okay, don't talk. >> alone in the house she heard the doorbell ring and then the alarm of the home security system. >> i took off my shoes shoes. i grabbed the phone. >> she showed our reporter how she crouched underneath a rack of clothes. intruder entered the room. >> don't talk. >> i could see them.
i thought they were going to see me. >> dispatcher had the high school student remain on the line, tapping on the phone to answer questions. >> they want you to know the whole house is surrounded. >> they exited the house but the three teens are apprehended by n the driveway. >> after the victim identified the belongings, they were arrested. >> she is relieved and simply in awe of her brave daughter. >> i didn't know how strong she was until the police told me what happened. >> dan: what a story. a massachusetts woman is on a quest to thank a strange foe are his random act of kindness toward her and her boyfriend who is deployed in afghanistan. she returned to her car on sunday after picking up a cup of coffee. she spotted an envelope on the windshield. she thought was ticket but it turned out to be a note from a veteran who spotted a particular
stiker on the car, half my heart is in afghanistan. there you see it. here is what the note said. >> i noticed the stick the other back of your car. take a hero out to dinner. thank you both for serving. him deployed and you for waiting. >> i just started crying. >> the envelope contained two $20 bills. she shared the story on facebook and overnight it got more than a million likes. ford wants to meet the secret donor. in the meantime, she plans to go forward and donate the money to someone else in need. just ahead, could you explain your job in just 30 seconds. new effort to explain complicated medical research and how so-called
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>> dan: a super computer in downtown oakland has detected the most ancient lighted in the universe and it shows the universe is older than previously thought. lawrence berkeley labs computer is downtown oakland. researchers analyzed data from europe's telescope. it shows what they call an infant cosmos that was born 80 to 100 million years than previous estimates. >> it has taken the most detailed photograph of the early universe ever taken and what it shows the echo of the big bang. light left over from the big bang and therefore the oldest lighted in the universe. >> that is important that we have a theory of the universe, very close to the big bang itself. it became a very big universe
that we leave in. >> the universe is 13.8 billion years old. experts describe today's finding as earth shattering. they say they have uncovered a fundamental truth of the universe. something else complex and difficult to understand is stem cell research, very complex science behind it. now, the california instituted for regenerative medicine is launching an effort to better understand such a complex issue. all by getting researchers to rethink the way they communicate with people. cheryl jennings with details. >> they work for a tax tax funded united states institute for stem cell are research. we'll let her explain it on elevator ride. >> it's an interesting discovery in a laboratory model and help them move into the clinic so it
can be studied in humans. >> pretty clear. so why the elevator? directors recently launched a campaign called the elevator pitch challenge. idea is to teach cutting edge researchers how to explain their work to a stranger in the length of an elevator ride and make them care about it. >> when you tack you about your research. >> directors score the videos on clarity and creativity. some of the researchers were born performers. >> even though many people a year are dying of chronic lung disease, we don't have any -- >> and some are slightly more comfortable in front of a microscope and there were those that mastery of some was a bit stronger than the mastery of the 30 seconds deadline. >> i should tell everybody that
clinical trials in the u.s. are encumbered. >> and other contest tachbts were brilliant researchers some people believe their future hinges on convincing people paying the swnrims by and large are on tax payer dollars so it's important for the public to understand idea money is well spent. >> and they want to skip regulations and move straight to who might be get cured and how. >> it's scientist's job because they are doing zbloshgtd the goal is not to dumb down the science but to broaden the avenues for it. >> dan: winners will be announced this week with the prize being more in the gift certificate range an large funding grant. coming up here next, how a
coming up here next, how a t-shirt help track down [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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>> dan: let's go back and hear more good news for the weather. >> it shows clear skies and we've got gusty winds and wind advisory in effect for portions of the counties of sacramento, san joaquin and yolo. guests are expected to exceed over 40 miles an hour. 8:00 tomorrow morning and 7:00 in the evening and extended to cover portions of the north bay, counties of napa, sonoma and marin. tomorrow mild conditions in most locations and that includes the
bay area. look for sunny skies, breezy to windy. highs tomorrow upper 60s to low 70s. accu-weather seven-day forecast. we have about five more days of this mild, dry weather and then coolers next with wednesday and showery to rainy next thursday. >> dan: thank you, spencer. listen to this. a man in taiwan had bad timing when he wore his t-shirt with the word wanted in english. the cop had taken an elementary english course to talk about it. the guy didn't spoke english and didn't have any idea what it was. he typed the man in the computer and found he was fugitive for drug abuse and arrested him. don't wear those t-shirts when the police are after you. >> larry?
>> my goodness. >> we will show you the biggest upset in the ncaa. the act from harvard. and cal came in as
>> dan: coming up at 11:00, the little dog stolen from a bart train but the dog is much more than a pet. he is so desperate to get him back. seven years of tweeting. we'll take you inside twitter's headquarters on the anniversary of the first tweet. join us for abc7 news at 11:00. larry is going to do sports. >> i'm ring out of characters
rapidly. a it turned out for cal in the opener tonight. they had their home ground and held unlv for a stretch of 11 minutes at one point. in the shark tank, alan crab let at 19 points. justin cobb four of 13, shooting three of three beyond the arc. robert thurman more like the janitor, cleaning up, thurman, 12 points, all on o dunks. vegas doesn't get a bucket and cal couldn't put them away. this make eight 4-point game but cal crushing. their first tournament win, they will face syracuse on saturday. >> most guys, it's not very hard to dunk, but i just got really
lucky because justin penetrated well. they are big threat when they get there and i was wide open and did what we were supposed to do. >> st. mary's against memphis in auburn hills, final college game for him and nice lob for waldo. memphis goes on a 19-2 run. pass weigh authority. and gales were down 10 at the break and tigers lighting it up. this puts them up by 7. and here is a three off the window with three seconds left. st. mary's down and ball goes out of bounds. 1.9 left. they go to jelly and 3 and the win -- no. st. mary's almost pulled off the upset and eliminated 54-52.
>> i told them, i've never been more proud of the team. i've never seen better leadership. these guys and especially matt have done as well as you can do. >> gonzaga, mark houston got a scare. one seat and zags are up by six and then tied it at 56. we're looking at history right here? no, kevin with a step back. he had 16 and gonzaga breaths a huge sigh of relief. they win and move on to face wichita state. marquette, up by 4 and wilson with a 3. golden eagles down by 1. davidson they can't get down the court and